Navigation becomes dynamic with TMC

TMC has the advantage over other traffic information services

One standard - all around the world

Since the TMC standard is now used in many parts of the world, it is possible to build a large volume of devices with the same hard- and software.

Economic transmission and continuously online

Different from connections of cellular phones, which need to be built up for each device individually, a FM radio signal can be received simultaneously by a large number of users. The transmission costs for FM radio is therefore usually free or included in the radio license fee.

Cross-border coverage

Particularly in Europe with its close borders, which can be crossed in a relatively short period of time, cross-border coverage is important.

Unlike in cellular systems transmission remains even beyond the national borders at the same low costs - e.g. without roaming fees.

Available in Western Europe, metropolitan areas of North America and Australia - in construction in many other regions.

High quality

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