Compatible with TMC providers worldwide

Our TMC solutions are compatible with free and pay TMC services of public and commercial providers all around the globe. Following you find several of the TMC providers our solutions have been tested with:

Links to providers of TMC:

- iTIS Holdings (commercial provider in UK)

- Trafficmaster (commercial provider in UK)

- Total Traffic Network (commercial provider in North America)

- XM NavTraffic (commercial provider in North America)

- V-Traffic (commercial provider in France)

- les sociétés d'autoroute (provider in France)

- ViaMichelin (provider in France)

- RAI (public provider in Italy)

- RTL (provider in Italy)

- RNE (public provider in Spain)

- Dirección General de Tráfico (provider in Spain)

- Vialis (provider in the Netherlands)

- TMC4U (provider in the Netherlands)

- RTBF (provider in Belgium)

- VRT (provider in Belgium)

- DIC PRAHA (provider in Czech Republic)

- ORF (public provider in Austria)

- Viasuisse (provider in Switzerland)

- DK-TMC (provider in Denmark,)

- DESTIA (provider in Finland)

- Statens Vegvesen (provider in Norway)

- Vägverket (public provider in Sweden)

- Intelematics (provider in Australia

- Bundesministerium für Verkehr-, Bau- und Stadtentwicklung (provider in Germany)

- Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (provider in Germany)

- WDR (provider in Germany)

- BR (provider in Germany)

- Antenne Bayern (provider in Germany)

- HR (provider in Germany)

- NDR (provider in Germany)

- SWR (provider in Germany)

- RPR1 (provider in Germany)

- FFH (provider in Germany)

- SR (provider in Germany)

- RBB (provider in Germany)

- MDR (provider in Germany)

- Deutschlandfunk (provider in Germany)

- TMC pro (commercial provider in Germany)

- Navteq-Traffic

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