TMC receiver    =    FM Tuner    +    TMCstack ® software

For mobile navigation und smartphones

With TMCstack ® we offer manufacturers (OEMs/ODMs) an economic and high-performing TMC solution for mobile devices like smartphones and personal navigation devices (PNDs).

FM tuner control on device CPU

Our TMCstack ® is a software module on the device CPU. It controls the FM tuner chip, processes the TMC data and interacts with the navigation software.

Less hardware

TMCstack ® allows to replace conventional TMC receiver modules by just a FM tuner chip. Hence no additional hardware is necessary - in particular, no additional micro controller unit (MCU) for FM tuner control.

Easy to implement

To develop and build a device with TMC functionality utilizing TMCstack ® is easy and quick. We support our customers with pre-configured solutions amongst others for connecting the FM tuner chip, testing reception quality and TMC functionality in lab test, and assuring quality in mass production.

Low cost and high performance

Cost and space for this TMC solution are reduced significantly compared to TMC receiver modules. Due to our SUPTERTUNE ® technology it shows superior performance to other solutions on the market.

Developed with SiLabs and SiRF

TMCstack ® has been developed by AVANTEQ in cooperation with Silicon Labs and friendly support from SiRF.


Our SUPERTUNE ® technology provides high speed station management and TMC information pre-processing independently from navigation software.

Support package included

Our TMCstack ® package includes an according support package, so that implementation is smooth and quick.

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