Dr.- Ing. Martin Lauterbach - managing director

Prior to establishing AVANTEQ GmbH Martin Lauterbach was managing director of Inventis GmbH, a consultancy supporting creation and the implementation of new technical and business ideas. Furthermore, with entrepreneurial engagement he managed to lead a young telematics company out of a crisis to market leadership in its segment.

He started his consulting career with more than seven years of engagement as a management consultant in international projects for A.T. Kearney and Gemini Consulting.

Seven Years of research and development on microcomputer based control systems for processing machines, therefrom four years as a manager of a scientific research group at the Institute of Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University, led to application of several patents and conferral of a doctorate.

Basis of his professional work was a Diploma/Master degree in Mechanical Engineering (Production Technology) and a Diploma/Master degree in Electrical Engineering (Information Technology) from RWTH Aachen University.

Dr. María-Dolores Soriano-López - authorized representative (Prokurist)

Before founding AVANTEQ GmbH María-Dolores Soriano-López served as management consultant for more than eight years, leading projects for technology companies and financial institutions. She developed and implemented new corporate strategies, successfully set up entirely new businesses and designed and implemented new marketing approaches.

She started her consulting career with McKinsey & Comp. where she worked for more than five years as management consultant, the last three years responsible for managing international projects.

María-Dolores Soriano-López began her professional career in research and development. For more than eight years she developed solutions in the areas of pattern recognition, machine learning and multivariate statistics for companies as well as several research institutes at the RWTH Aachen University. Awarded with a scholarship of the Graduiertenkolleg 'Computer Science and Technology' she earned a Ph.D. in computer science from the RWTH Aachen University.

María-Dolores Soriano-López graduated in computer science (master of science) from the RWTH Aachen University. In her little spare time María-Dolores Soriano-López gets involved with relief organizations.

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