Performance of TMC receivers

Performance what for?

If only a fraction of the TMC messages is received...

Quality of TMC receivers on the market varies largely. Poor receivers utilize the efficient TMC service only to a fraction. Long waiting periods, wrongly received messages as well as incomplete and outdated messages are the consequences for the user.

...there are unnecessary detours and avoidable jams

While the TMC service is able to keep several hundred traffic events continuously up-to-date, bad receivers use only a small fraction of it and lead the driver around not existing jams or directly into existing ones.

The frustration of the users is understandable and the shortcomings of bad receivers destroy the image of the navigation devices or are wrongly charged to the TMC service.

Determinants of good performance:

"...a short test showed that with the AVANTEQ device the reception was troublefree and provided the messages earlier than the device of ..."
(no. 14/07, p.30)

     Best of the Test


  • Antenna design
  • Antenna adaptation
  • Tuner sensitivity
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Board layout


  • Tuner control
  • Station management
  • Message management
  • Integration with the navigation software
  • Interpretation by the navigation software

and many more factors, which our TMC solutions take into account.

Good performance has a name...


Our SUPERTUNE ® technologies guarantee good reception even under difficult conditions. In addition to measures regarding hardware and antenna design, learning algorithms characterize this technology.

Our software continuously analyzes the available stations, automatically tunes fast and accurately FM tuner parameters and thus ensures an optimal reception. This technology, we have named: SUPERTUNE ®.

Independent tests

The better reception has been verified. In tests of the renowned technical journals c't and Pocket PC Magazine, our receivers have been compared with competitors' products and stood out due to their superior reception quality and won the tests.

You can easily test it yourself. Just check, if your navigation device shows first traffic messages seconds after switching on. Or compare, if the message stock is complete within few minutes. It should be - provided an according TMC infrastructure exists. Beyond the reception quality under lab conditions - most important is the reception under field conditions, when many stations can be received, but only a few are usable.


For several of our newly developed technologies we have applied for international patents.

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